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1 (or is NOT an instance URL. sfdx docs do use these URLs as examples of --instanceurl but they do not explain that sfdx allows these URLs in lieu of real instance URLs to make it easier for end-users. It's an optimization that could (and does in your case) fail. That is, if your --instanceurl is one ...


The SFDX URL can be used to authenticate to the salesforce cli without needing any JWT Token or using browser to key in the credential . Infact it is the easiest way to authenticate through CLI. Let me explain how salesforce cli authenticates today. First time when you login via the CLI, you go to salesforce login screen and key in credentials (if you are ...


Out of the box - no. You can roll your own custom login and other pages that have more of an "inline" experience where it may appear that the user does not navigate "away" from the page.

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