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My company is also using 1Password. We log into multiple orgs each day and so far, I'm a big fan. Within 1Password, there's an option to Open and Fill, so everything is populated for you. Good luck!


The consumer key/secret is used to uniquely identify your app. You do this by creating a Connected App, then using an OAuth flow to get an Access Token (and possibly a Refresh Token, if configured to do so). The flows will have the users log in using the Salesforce login (possibly via SSO, etc), then return a valid access token to your app. You will be able ...


As you are accessing the API from the same Salesforce org, you can use SessionId, which should be the recommended approach. However, if you still wish to use Connected App and named credentials please follow the below step: Create a Connected App with OAuth Scope of "Full Access" and "refresh token". Create an Auth Provider with default ...


Salesforce as a provider does not support Password Authentication. Hence Named Credential with Password authentication on the same org will not work and it will throw an error as below: [{"message":"INVALID_HEADER_TYPE","errorCode":"INVALID_AUTH_HEADER"}] You may use oAuth2.0 or any other authentication approach for ...

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