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Salesforce Summer release for the year 2020. This corresponds to API 49.

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File not showing preview when created by Site Guest User (i think after Summer '20 Release)

I saw that since Summer 20 changes to the rights of the Site have taken place ( Currently I ...
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How to check API navigation pattern in VF page?(Summer 20 Update)

Based on below link, I want to check existing VF page in my organization which use API navigation pattern.
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slds-icon-utility-xxx class not work after Summer 20 Release

I face an issue after Summer 20 release. Currently looks like slds-icon-utility-xxx class not work in both Lightning Experience and Classic Mode. My Code: <apex:page > <html xmlns=&...
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Einstein Reply Recommendations not visible in setup

As per Summer'20 Release notes Help Chat Agents Respond Faster with Einstein Reply Recommendations is generally available. But I don't see 'Reply Recommendations' in setup, both in Lightning and ...
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Can anybody explain the progress bar in "Review Important Org Changes"?

Since Summer'20 the following beta feature is available: Review Important Org Changes with Release Updates I am trying to understand how I can use this effectively, but so far it's beyond me. Both the ...
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Your org doesn't have access to component flexipage:column

Receive the following error when deploying a lightning record page. "Your org doesn't have access to component flexipage:column"
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Flows metadata that Bypass User Permissions (SFDX)

In Summer 20, we have a possibility of define a "Run mode" of a Visual Flow, to run avoiding user permission, as we can see on this link: Run Flows That Bypass User Permissions. But when you ...
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LWC Wire Over Multiple Objects - Summer '20 Behaviour Change

I have used code similar to this in my current production org. The fields array contains multiple objects to pass in to the @wire service. const fields = [ "Opportunity.External_Id__c", &...
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Summer'20 Release - Salesforce Communities - CSP Error in Chrome

I have a Customer Community login page which is using a lightning aura component. Login page has a section where user enters username and password and logs in. After Summer'20 release, the section to ...
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Getting for Salesforce Live Agent API endpoint

Here is the stacktrace for the Rest request error: org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException: I/O error on GET request for "https://d.lb2-a1-gc4.salesforceliveagent.comm/chat/rest/...
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Summer 20 Release Guest Site - allow create custom object

We have a site that has numerous VF pages to create a custom object. The Summer 20 release report says that we need to / will be forced to shut down access. I see that one can create sharing ...
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Summer20 - recordEditForm issues

We are facing some issues with Summer20 releases. Does anybody face those issues? Scrollbar is not visible on Edit(overridden component) screen - But with hard refresh its showing scrollbar(tried ...
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Salesforce Summer 20 Guest user profile changes

We have a salesforce lightning community. When guest users agree to register in one of the community pages(clicking a checkbox), the underlying code creates an account, a community user, public group, ...
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summer20 feature Override Standard Actions in Lightning Communities not working in summer20 SB

i tried to implement this feature summer20 release notes in my summer 20 sandbox. but it didn't work steps i followed: enable "Override standard actions with a Lightning component" feature ...
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Why do we get an Invalid Type error only after Summer '20 upgrade?

After upgrading to Summer '20, we get an invalid type error for dsfs__DocuSignAccountConfiguration__c in existing tests and classes. I can see a dsfs__DocuSignAccountConfiguration__c record in the UI:...
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LWC-base-components-recipes issue, Summer 20' release, assert.js

I am using textarea base component, this had to go with lots of other dependencies to my org. Unfortunately after summer 20' release I had to comment out code in assert.js today: export function ...
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Metadata Deploy and Push fails on Flexipage componentInstances in API 49 (Summer 20) and later

I'm having a problem deploying metadata after having updated my project to Summer 20 and pushing the project contents to a Summer 20 org. There are several failures seemingly related to a FlexiPage ...
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