1. In HTML emails (non-template based), it looks like customer HTML is NOT triggering the default header & footer, how come HTML email are able to go out without default header / footer and still comply with CAN-SPAM Act?

  2. When an email template is created and then Template based email, it seems to showing up default header / footer, why template trigger default header /footer but html email is not? Can we configure default header/footer in Admin settings as NONE? then we can include custom footer directly in the HTML of the temnplate?

  3. When I create a template using just the HTML code, I am not triggering the default header / footer? How come? What in drag and drag template creation process is triggering default header / footer that this template is not?


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Review this page. Implement Header and Footer Rules

NOTE Insert the code into your custom templates and HTML Paste emails to automatically pull the header and footer for your account setting into your email when you send.
Header code: <custom type="header" name="header" />
Footer code: <custom type="footer" name="footer" />

  • Thanks EazyE for sharing, in this case my question is, is it necessary to call custom header/ footer from account settings? What if we prefer to use custom html that lives in the template HTML instead?
    – kl2
    Aug 9 at 23:14
  • 1
    All I am trying to confirm if that custom type header and footer are NOT a requirement to be inherited from account settings, right? Header and footer can be hardcoded within the template as well as an option, right?
    – kl2
    Aug 10 at 0:44
  • then add what ever ampscript you want to call the content blocks that you want to use for header and footer
    – EazyE
    Aug 10 at 2:24
  • Got it, so calling header/ footer from account settings is not required, thanks for confirming.
    – kl2
    Aug 10 at 3:04

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