We currently build our emails in a different editor outside SFMC and then create them via HTML Paste. We now need to add a dynamic content block for the hero image going forward. I attempted to add the div for adding a content block, and the block is showing up when we create the email via paste, however, we aren't able to see any content to drag into it. I have the sinking feeling that we're going to have to create a template with the email code and then create an email with that template just to be able to add that block.

Please tell me if there is a better way than creating that email, basically, twice. Our emails are not currently in a format that easily lends itself to going pure Content Builder creation and are not likely to be so any time soon.


You currently cannot do this in an email, but you can in a template. Eventually, you'll be able to start an email with your own HTML and then switch to the drag-and-drop editor like you can in a template, but we don't have a target release for that functionality yet.

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