Update for whoever gets to this question or are facing this issue. We went back to Salesforce on this and they confirmed that Horizontal Scroll on iOS devices is a known issue (citing the same known issue as in the question body) and that the Product Team has this on their roadmap with no timelines available as of yet. Also there was no workaround that ...


This is definitely possible. All you need to do is send a message to the Slack in the Block UI format from apex. Then make sure you have added interactivity to the button (Sent as a part of block message) and the button url should be something like below salesforce1://sObject/001D000000Jwj9v/view


Are you setting the button type to "app URL" (or similar) when you're creating the message? If so, try using "web URL". There was a recently discovered server-side issue where the type was being incorrectly converted to close when the payload was generated and delivered to the SDK.

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