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This is because you are likely outside the Aura lifecycle. If you are using a timeout or callback or any other async process, then you'll need $A.getCallback(). Use it like this: window.setTimeout( $A.getCallback(function() { component.set("v.loading",false); }), 5000 );


The LI and UL tags are for lists and will always be displayed in a column, you can easily achieve the desired formatting using a table such as <table> <tr> <td> checkbox1 </td> <td> checkbox2 </td> <td> checkbox3 </td> </tr> </table>


Here's how you would do it with LWC - are you able to abstract it for aura? (Link to playground: https://playground.lwcjs.org/projects/TCCep0y0/1/edit ) <template> <lightning-card> <div slot="title"> <lightning-button-icon slot="actions" icon-name="action:flow" size="xx-small" class="slds-m-right_x-small"></...

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