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Remove country from address line via AMPscript

You can do this by using a Substring function to cut the remaining string after the comma: This function returns a portion of the specified string starting at a certain character position and no ...
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How to get information about unsent emails in Journey Builder?

The 'Not Sent' information in general in SFMC, is a little cumbersome to achieve. However, there are few approaches you could take in order to get the closest information. Tracking Extract: You can ...
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Modify then concatenate String

It seems to me that you already have code that parses the lines in the email body: the emailSearch() method. This is already being used by earlier lines in the main code body. Examples: newLead....
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SFMC: Can the HTML exceeded notification be omitted when previewing and testing emails?

Unfortunately this is built into the back end of SFMC and is not available to be turned off/on by users. You could talk to your Account Executive about it, but I get the feeling that it is not ...
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Add subscribers to a publication list without sending an email (Marketing Cloud)

So, after giving it some thought, I've come to this solution: I created an automation with three steps: An SQL activity that will query the leads directly from our Sales cloud Org, and store the ...
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email disappear after sent in acivities under contact

Thanks for Vinay's question. And ask a simple test i got the answer. In Einstein, but default the emails with users in the same company are excluded. For testing purpose The contact I am using has an ...
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