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LWC - New Correspondence Modal is not working

I'm betting that you are having issues either with the CSS of the SLDS modal, from this sample code you posted. Consider using the Modal API instead. This way you have the modal code separated from ...
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Pass data from one LWC to another

Looks like you need two pieces: On the Modal, you need a change handler that is invoked by handleChange on the inputs e.g. handleChange (event) { const newValue =; ...
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Apply CSS in tab Service Message

Yes, you can use the setTabHighlighted (Lightning) or setTabStyle (Classic) to control the tab style. Generally speaking, you'd want to build a Utility Bar component that tracks how old the tabs are, ...
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LWC - Input field marked as required shows an error despite having a value in it

Here's at least one way to get into the described situation: Set "fieldValueType" to "number" Set "fieldValue" to "AWS" Set "fieldValueType" to "...
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