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Error: You can add up to 5 000 Products to a Category

In Salesforce B2B eCommerce, when I try to add many of my products to a Product Category I recieve this error: "You can add up to 5 000 Products to a Category. Delete some Products and try again&...
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Is there a built-in way to filter product search results based on customer group?

Additional context: most responses I've seen to similarly asked questions either here, or on unofficial salesforce slack channel seem to imply that "custom code" is the solution. After some ...
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REST request for creating a new DataCategoryGroup or DataCategory

I can't find any documentation on creating a new DataCategoryGroup or DataCategory object from the REST API. I can read them, and link them to knowledge articles, but I can't see to find anything ...
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categories from customLabels, in SOQL

I need to find the categories in my labels. So, Starting from SOQL to query Custom Labels in Salesforce and the documentation
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SCSCategory renamed to Category in Swift version of the mobileSDK generates error

I am using the Salesforce iOS mobileSDK to access Knowledge on Lightning Salesforce. The data type of the categories thus generated is an array of SCSCategoryGroup objects. When you drill down the ...
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Data Category mapping to an Account field?

I inherited this Service Cloud setup where accounts all have a picklist field called Level with options 1, 2, 3, and then there is a Data Category called Level with options Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. ...
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Search By Data Category

We have implemented the Napili template for our Customer Community. We have many articles with associated categories, and have added Category/Product Tiles to the main page. You can click a tile and ...
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Subscribe to Knowledge articles or categories

Is it possible to allow users to subscribe to new knowledge content based on data categories? I'd like users to be able to subscribe to their preferred data categories so that they can receive email ...
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Is it possible to hide/remove the Category field on the Idea standard object?

Case: our company wants to simplify the Idea object (in order to retrieve maximum input & participation from the user community) and therefore skip Zone, Theme, Category from the user interface. ...
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Mass update Knowledge Articles with Data Categories

Is there any possible way to update an existing set of knowledge articles to include specific data categories without manually going into each one? Can this be achieved with data Loader?
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Is possible to relate Data Categories to custom objects records?

I have some data in Knowledge and Answers that I'd love to relate to other data in custom objects? Is it possible to refer data categories from custom objects, besides sort of manually (and ...
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