Is there any possible way to update an existing set of knowledge articles to include specific data categories without manually going into each one?

Can this be achieved with data Loader?



This is a standard article from salesforce and clearly guides on how to use the article importer to load CSV

datacategorygroup .Products is column used to populate Products if Product is the datacategory.


You can achieve this with data loader. 1.Make one .csv file of articles having particular article type. In this file, One column will be having IDs of knowledge articles which you want to assign a data category. Name this column as ParentId. 2.second column will be DataCategoryGroupName.Write the name of active data category group name which you want to assign to the articles. 3.Third column will be dataCategoryName, which is the category name under data category group. After making .csv file as mentioned above, please import to datacategoryselection:Article_type_name object in data loader and map with appropriate fields.All the required categories will be assigned to articles after importing it.Please select this as best answer if this answer helps you.

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