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Multiple If statement with Picklist values

You'd place the next if statement where the last null is right now. However, since we're here, we may as well optimize the rest of the formula, too. We can make it far more legible by doing this: IF( ...
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Need help on converting an excel financial formula to apex code

The portion of the expression (ResidualValue/((1+(3%/12))^Term)) you have coded as (residualValue / Math.pow((d1), d2) but d2 = term -i and the excel formula wants simply term so you need (...
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Formula to populate a field if closed date is blank

You can use the ISBLANK function to check if the case has a closed date or not. The ISBLANK function returns TRUE if the expression is blank, and FALSE otherwise. You can use this function to create a ...
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Tilde Error in Formula

Surround the tilde in either single or double quotes. "Smart" quotes (i.e. “ ” or ‘ ’) will not work Strings and single characters need to be enclosed in quotes. Otherwise the formula tries ...
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