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LWC @Wire - Apex method is not a known adapter

LWC, and JavaScript in general, is case sensitive. Your typo appears to be: import getUncategorizedDocuments from '@Salesforce/apex/OnboardingReviewDocController1.getUncategorizedDocuments'; Because ...
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Are we able show Violcity Component from Custom Lightning Web Component?

You can embed the OmniScript LWC into your own LWC by referencing the tag of the element, c-type-subtype-language. <c-es-search-products-english prefill={prefill}></c-es-search-products-...
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Issue with @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true)

Apex method with @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true) and a wire method in LWC is actually fine. Because wire adaptor use browser cache to store the record data coming from @wire. By default @AuraEnabled is @...
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LWC My Track list is not rendering after retrieving new data using APEX

Since you have marked the apex method as cacheable, and the one parameter isn't going to change (assuming this is being used on a Lightning Record Page), the client side will maintain a cache of the ...
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Can't pass null arguments in wired function

We are seeing the same behavior with a Lightning Web Component in a flow, in that the reactive variables included in the wire definition simply will not fire in the event a value is null. This is ...
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