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Highlight specific value from options in lightning-dual-listbox

Unfortunately, if you're using the standard component, the behavior is what it is. If you want to customize this behavior, you'll need to write your own component. You can start using the Dueling ...
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LWC - Input field marked as required shows an error despite having a value in it

Here's at least one way to get into the described situation: Set "fieldValueType" to "number" Set "fieldValue" to "AWS" Set "fieldValueType" to "...
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Validate method breaking jest test

It makes sense to ignore validity checks, if they target standard HTML element validations. If a validity check is something custom made, I would put the function into a separate module and write a ...
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Why LWC component is reloading due to the recordtypeId is changed in Record Edit Form

UNFORTUNATELY, to solve this issue I have to remove the recordtypeId field from the list and use a text field instead to store the recordtype and show in UI. Reasons of page loading is unclear. Most ...
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