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Questions tagged [send-throttling]

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1 answer

Delivery Window timing

When I set up an email with a Delivery Window of say 8-3 and a throttle of 1K/hr, will there be a 1K batch sent at 3pm or will 2pm be the last batch? Similarly, I assume I can start the send ...
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1 answer

Send throttling process

Wondering when the timer starts when an email is throttled at say, 250K/hr? I start the send at 8am, the system sends 250K emails over X number of minutes. Does the 60 minutes start then or when the ...
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2 answers

Journey Builder Throttling over a week (Automatic calculation)

We have data that comes in once a week (On a Monday) and needs to be throttled in a journey over a week, (Monday - Sunday). The Data is not static and will change week on week, this week could be 100K,...
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Does Mail throttling exist in Pardot?

A problem that we have run into is that organizations flag email if there are a number of them going into the company at the same time. They get flagged as bulk and are not allowed through. These ...
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1 answer

Stopping a journey while an email send is taking place (throttled)

Bit of an edge case here but in a live journey, a stakeholder wants to limit the number of emails sent via an engagement split as it's for a survey and they have a cap on the number of responses they ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Send throttling large list

We have a list of 13 million contacts and want to throttle the email to limit traffic on the landing page. We want to make sure everyone receives the email on the same morning. My concern is that ...
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1 answer

Can an email be modified after/during a throttled send?

Case: Have to send an email to a large audience. It is going at 1500 per hour for 14 hours a day. After the first 3 hours someone tell me they have made an error and a line has to be removed. I have ...
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Send Throttling Hourly Threshold: How to make sure an email send spans about 2 hours?

If we have 315k in a sending data extension and at time of scheduling use exclusion DEs (w/expected total send volume of ~295k) -- how can we implement send throttling to make sure the send takes ...
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