With MobileConnect, are mobile numbers that opted-out applied to all contacts that may share that number within MobileConnect?

Example below:

Contact 1
Contact Key: 12345
Mobile: 123-456-7890

Contact 2
Contact Key: 67890
Mobile: 123-456-7890

If Contact 1 opts out, will MobileConnect automatically exclude Contact 2 from receiving any further SMS messages because that mobile number is shared? Or is strictly specific to the Contact, similar to Email Studio?

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Yes, that is correct. In MobileConnect the mobile numbers stand for an 'entry', meaning the behavior is a bit different from Email Studio:

  1. If Contact A with phone number 123 opts-out from a keyword X, then this number is always going to be read as opt-out for this keyword, unless it's opted back in at some point of time. Meaning, Contact B who also has this number for this keyword, is also opted out. Contact C who is imported to Mobile Connect in the future, with this number/keyword combo - is also going to have this number as opted-out if it's still in opted-out status for some existing Contact.

  2. If phone number 123 exists on Contact A and you now import in a Contact B with the same number, then Contact A is going to have it under Priority 2, meaning when Contact A exists in your target group (but Contact B isn't) then your SMS will not be sent to this 123 number.

  • It's all a bit tricky, but I think I understand. I really don't think it's possible to have a perfect MobileConnect database with all the possible scenarios that may come up. Thanks for the help! Mar 6, 2018 at 17:48

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