I have a contact who was opted into KEYWORD1 and has opted out of SMS by texting "STOP". Next to the keyword, under subscriptions, it says Not Opted In. This person was then added to KEYWORD2 via import definition and next to keyword 2 under subscriptions, it says Opted In and he started receiving SMS again from us. Is this the expected behaviouir?

I'd like to confirm that re-importing contacts via the import defitinion re-opts in contacts in MobileConnect after they have opted out by texting STOP keyword?

In addition, is there any other ways re-optin can happen?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, re-importing the contacts manually opts in the contacts to the specific keyword you select in the import wizard.

There are two other ways of re-opt in contacts to a keyword.

  1. Contact API. Refer the answer here
  2. Queue MO API

In both cases, you need a create an optin in response message and activate it. Be mindful, that if you use the Queue MO API, the user is sent the optin message confirming the subscription.

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