While sending out MobileConnect SMS messages we will be using a custom "From Name" instead of a From Number. This means that we cannot get STOP/Unsubscribe replies on our SMS messages. To address this, we plan to include a landing page URL that enables a single click unsubscribe for our contacts.

I need the contact to be unsubscribed from salesforce CRM (mobile opt-out field) and from MobileConnect for the Business unit they are added to.

I was able to setup the AMPscript to update the "Mobile Opt-Out" field in salesforce but I have no idea on how to unsubscribe the contact from MobileConnect. I can't really find any official documentation on it either.

Came across a few questions on stackexchange which suggest using UpdateData function on the _MobileAddress view. But here I can't seem to access the ContactKey value and instead only the ContactID is available.

Is there a way to get the ContactKey value in the _MobileAddress view ? Or is there a better way of unsubscribing contacts in mobileConnect ?

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It's been a year since you posted this question, hope you already got the solution. Hope this will help someone face the same problem.

Check this salesforce article


You will need to work with QueueMO API on your web form to update the mobile number Keyword subscription in MobileConnect.

Or an easier, but more cumbersome way is to use AMPscript to store these contacts to a separate Data Extension and configure a MobileConnect Import Definition, that would look up these Contacts and change the specific Keyword status / or Subscriber status.

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