We have integrated an app to send out transactional SMS messages to defined mobile numbers using the MessageContact/Send SMS REST API method. The problem is that this method isn't documented very well. Finally after trial and error, I discovered that in order to send an SMS, the mobile number needs to be subscribed to a keyword.

MobileConnect Subscriptions

Here's my request:

    "mobileNumbers": [
    "Subscribe": true,
    "Resubscribe": false,
    "Keyword": "SUBSCRIBE",
    "Override": true,
    "messageText": "Hello world"

Can someone explain what these key-value pairs represent? Here's what I am guessing:

  • mobileNumbers: array of mobile numbers
  • Subscribe: adds mobileNumbers as a contact (go to MobileConnect > Manage Contacts)
  • Resubscribe: absolutely no idea
  • Keyword: a valid 'keyword' that has been created in MobileConnect (but why this is required, for one-way SMS, I'm not sure)
  • Override: overrides the template text message with messageText
  • messageText: message you want to send

I'd appreciate if someone could provide some clarity around this.

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Let me know if this clears things up a bit -

  • mobileNumbers: you are correct - this is an array of the mobile numbers you will be sending the message to.
  • Subscribe: true/false value - use this if you want non subscribers to be subscribed. Set to false if you don't want to add new subscribers.
  • Resubscribe: if someone has opted out, setting this to true will opt them back in.
  • Keyword: if subscribe/resubscribe are set to true, this is the key word in your account that is used to subscribe them - you could have multiple subscribe message based on individual campaigns or something
  • Override: set this to true if you want to update the message sent at send time
  • messageText: if you set override to true, you will add your send time message here.

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