We want to use the liveagent feature in salesforce via rest API. We created everything that needed for it - deployment, chat button, console app and so..

From the console - chat supervisor I can see the agent marked as available, but no request appears in the chat window after sending a ChasitorInit request, although we get 200 OK in response.

URL: https://our-endpoint.salesforceliveagent.com/chat/rest/Chasitor/ChasitorInit

BODY: {"organizationId":"XXXX", "deploymentId":"XXXX", "buttonId":"XXXX", "sessionId":"56XXXXXX00279", "userAgent":"Lynx/2.8.8", "language":"en-US", "screenResolution":"1900x1080", "prechatDetails":[], "prechatEntities":[], "receiveQueueUpdates":true, "isPost":true}

RESPONSE: {"statusCode":200,"body":"OK"}

can someone help? enter image description here


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I solved it when I changed chat button id digit from 18 to 15.

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