I was just wondering if there is a way to edit or build features on top of the Napili Community's Global Search Results Lightning Component. I'd like to add filters, change the layout, and control access to where results are linking. I'm not sure it's possible, but it would be cool if I could still use the Global Search functionality that already exists and just alter it.


This is definitely possible .You will need to build your own custom component for same but you can still use the variables that builder provides .

You can add the custom lightning components in the search page .The search page itself is editable .

Create a design file for your custom component like below

  <design:attribute name="search" label="Search Term" description="Please add Search Term" />

Check the design variables that you will need in below screen shot

enter image description here

In your custom component in a design variable use a search parameter like "{!searchString}

Then from there all you need is a custom component .Check the below blog link


Also check the this answer.


I would recommend you try out any of the ISV partner apps which are available on the AppExchange. In the Salesforce Summer '17 Release Notes you can see that Salesforce has partnered up with Coveo, Docurated, and Swiftype.

Specifically for lightning communities, As I work for Coveo, I know that we offer a free search component that allows you to "add filters, change the layout, and control access to where the results are linking" amongst other things.

the following posts have more details on this:

Perficient also release this video which is an overview of Coveo's free search solution

For example, if you want to change the layout and add filters, you can use the interface editor:

enter image description here

if you want to change the results where the links are taking you, you can also modify the href template:

enter image description here

or change the result templates and modify the html dynamically with underscore, or html result templates from the code view.

the getting started guide can be found here.

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