I have a custom header I want to put on my Napili community template, however, it keeps overlapping the search bar.


enter image description here

After : enter image description here

How can I "push down" the search bar and make this section dynamic to the size of the header? The header is a custom lightning component.

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    Just had to make the html div around the content inherit it's position with css Jun 5, 2017 at 17:50

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As of now, When you use custom header, you need to implement search functionality.

See this idea:

Allow header to be customized in Napili Communities Template

When creating a new community via the Napili template, it's rather limited with what you can do with the header. I can change the background image, action colors, navigation bar, and I can also implement a completely new header if I wish. However, if I implement a new header, then I also have to implement the my profile widget, the global search widget, and the logo as well if I want.

I should be able to customize the "standard" header by doing the following: Changing the background color of the header (I currently do this by hacking a solid color image as the background image) Adding custom components to the header itself or taking standard components away, like the global search bar.

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