I have a Journey that uses a filtered Data Extension as the source from the Master DE. The Journey includes three emails, and I want the first email to be sent at the same time as an SMS message. I'm wondering if I need to create a separate DE specifically for the mobile field, locale, and subscriber key (SK), or if I can use the activity within the Journey to send the SMS message to the existing Data Source I already have?

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If you are sure the contacts will already have a reliable Mobile number assocated with their contact record, you can select "Use mobile number attribute from Contacts" in Journey Settings (see image for more clarity). enter image description here

If not then you will have to select the "Use phone number attribute from Entry Source" option and ensure you have a Mobile Number field in you Journey Source DE. You will of course also need a subscriberkey. You do not need to include "Locale" for Journey Builder SMS's though.

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