I need to add new task button on Email Message Record. but after I put the New Task on the page layout it still not appear. what I already done is:

  • Put Standard New Task button in Email Message Layout -> not work
  • Create new button on Email Message Object called Create Task and put it on page layout. -> it also doesn't work

the goal is just to put new task button on Email Message Record Page, like this following image enter image description here

hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately, You cannot display standard New Task button on Email message record Page even if you include on Email Message layout.

Workaround would be using custom button and below are steps.

  • Create custom button, select 'Content Source' as URL and add include /lightning/o/Task/new on button.
  • Include newly created button on Email Message layout under 'Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions' and save.
  • Now you should be able to see custom 'New Task' button on Email Message record page.

enter image description here

  • Its tottally work ... Thank you so much @Vinay
    – naticap
    May 10 at 9:04

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