How can we retrieve messages from Facebook digital engagement channel? Little bit more context on it:

  • We have digital engagement plugin enabled in salesforce and connected with Facebook.
  • Requirement is to have process chat messages in Apex or 3rd party app.

So I run some analyzing of how Salesforce Digital engagement works internally: It is querying messages from some endpoint


but I don't find any API or field available to retrieve conversation transcript.

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You need to run following query

SELECT Id, ActorType, ActorId, ActorName, Message, MessageStatus, MessageStatusCode, MessageSendTime, MessageDeliverTime, MessageReadTime, MessageIdentifier, HasAttachments 

FROM ConversationEntry 

WHERE ActorId = <User or MessagingEndUser> AND ConvesationId = '0Mw0XXXXXXXX...']

In digital engagement records have following relations as on picture

Digital Engagement Entity relation

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