I need a Scratch Org with Digital Engagement enabled.

Which Scratch Org Feature do I need to use to achieve this?

I cannot see any mention of Digital Engagement in the Scratch Org Features documentation.

  • I am getting this error also when adding "DigitalEngagement" When I add "LiveMessage", this works and I can see Messaging in setup. How ever I do not have the permissions to create a new channel.
    – user130667
    Feb 9 at 19:43

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As far as I remember, this feature existed in the past but the Digital Engagement feature for scratch orgs appears to be removed as of now. I recommend creating a support case for confirmation

I think you can no longer add the "DigitalEngagement" feature to the scratch org definition file. When we look at the release notes now, this is not included

The documentation states this is available for an extra cost in: Enterprise and Unlimited Editions as per this so if you have this license or this feature enabled (AFAIK this requires Chat ser License, Messaging user permission set license. I recommend reaching out to your Account Executive

I can confirm that the name of the feature in the past was definitely DigitalEngagement

I believe using this file gives an error at this time. However, you can give a try

Org JSON def (project-scratch-def.json)






ERROR running force:org:create: DigitalEngagement is not a valid Features value.

  • Thanks, Anudeep. I have raised a case.
    – Robs
    Nov 13, 2020 at 12:15

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