I have 3 journeys and when trying to connect from my website to the journey I receive the following error:

    "message": "EventDefinitionKey 'APIEvent-1843bf88-e9aa-f083-95cf-e49409ff3ea0' not found",
    "errorcode": 10000,
    "documentation": ""

Anyone know why I receive this error?

  • check your API entry event definition key, if its matching or not. Check the version of your journey and key should be of the running version. – Abhishek Feb 22 at 7:47
  • The API entry event is correct & matches, there is only 1 version. – Kate Feb 22 at 21:59

If this EventDefinitionKey is definitely correct, this issue usually occurs if the "Installed Package" (API credentials) doesn't have the correct access rights to the Business Unit your journey is implemented in.

Try checking this by navigating go Administration -> Account -> Installed Packages and clicking on the package you used for the API Integration. Then check the information under Components -> API Integration -> Business Unit (see the screenshot below 1).

Managed Package Administration, Package Details (Business Unit)

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