I'm trying to create a sms opt-in message through rest UI.

Below is the JSON request I formed

{ "messageName":"TESTMESSAGE1234", "shortCode":"86288", "countryCode":"US", "keyword":"JA", "messageOptInType":"Single", "responseMessage":"Hey thanks!", "allowSingleOptIn":"true", "duplicateOptInMessage":"You already subscribed to receive our messages", "optinErrorMessage":"An error occured. Please try again." }

I'm posting the above JSON request to URL, https://www.exacttargetapis.com/sms/v1/message/optin in POST method.

I'm getting the following error response,

{ "message" : "Validation Error", "errorcode" : 10006, "documentation" : "", "validationErrors" : [ { "message" : "Cannot save message because another message overlaps with it on this keyword.", "errorcode" : 10000, "documentation" : "" } ] }

. Can anyone help me on this ?


Can you confirm that you don't have an active SMS Opt-in message already active with the same keyword JA? Might be best to remove the Keyword all together.

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