I'm trying to trigger SFMC REST API to send SMS from Postman. Below is the steps:

  1. Created a Outbound SMS content in Mobile Connect (with the following properties)

    • Template type: Outbound - API Triggered
    • Next Keyword: OPTIN
    • Message: Hello world message
    • Message Status: Active/Scheduled
    • API Key: xxxx
  2. Trigger SFMC REST API using Postman client

    { "mobileNumbers": [ "85296xx57xx" //My HK number ], "SendTime": "2018-12-11 04:08" }

After performing the above steps, I still not able to receive the SMS. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

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    Is the number opted-in to the keyword? Are you able to send to that Contact normally in MobileConnect? – Rain Dec 11 '18 at 9:31
  • @WenHao, Did you find any solution to this problem. I am having the same. – R Suri Mar 25 '19 at 12:39
  • @RSuri make sure your recipient is opt-in for the SMS. Go to the Contact Builder > All Contact to check for it. – WenHao Mar 25 '19 at 23:52
  • @WenHao, thanks for your response. contact has been added manually and source column is showing manual. what else is needed to resolve this. Are keywords required for this? – R Suri Mar 26 '19 at 12:00
  • @RSuri - yes, the keyword is the opt in. – WenHao Mar 28 '19 at 4:08

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