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1 answer

Amount and Converted Amount currency shows different currencies for different reports

I am logged in with a user that has the currency set to SEK. When I create dashboards referencing reports on opportunities, where the graphs should show the Sum of Amount, some of the graphs show SEK ...
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How to convert the currency value field to the corporate currency in SOQL

I want to convert the amount field in opportunity object to the corporate currency, I found that the convertCurrency(amount) will give me the value in user's currency format, but I found that the user'...
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How to use Corporate Currency Value in Approvals instead of Quote's Currency?

Multi currency is enabled in my Org. I am using Approvals for Quote Object. If Net Amount is less than 10,000 it requires Manager Approval. If Net Amount is greater than 10,000 it requires Finance ...
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What fields are used by convertCurrency() function in SOQL when advanced currency management is enabled?

The documentation for convertCurrency() says this: “If an org has enabled advanced currency management, dated exchange rates are used when converting currency fields on opportunities, opportunity ...
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1 answer

How can we use Dated Exchange Rates values in formula fields?

I have a formula(Checkbox) field on the Opportunity object, which shows TRUE, when Some_Value__c (formula(Currency)) field >= 6000$: Some_Value__c / CURRENCYRATE(TEXT(CurrencyIsoCode)) >= 6000 ...
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Can I retrieve the result of a function using the SOAP API?

I set up SOAP integration with my Salesforce instance, to maintain a copy of certain tables in our data warehouse. This works great as long as I'm using fields enumerated in their SOAP API: ...
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1 answer

Account Currency Defaulting to USD instead of Corporate currency (Euro)

I have multi currency enabled in my org with USD, GBP and EURO. EURO is my corporate currency. My user has Local currency as EURO. However, when I create an Account Record without entering the ...
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Currency converstaion in Quote

If I have a product in USD and wanted to quote it in INR, it would do the conversion and put the product in the quote. is there any possible way to achieve this ?
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3 votes
1 answer

Use SUM() and convertCurrency() together in a SOQL

I am trying to do something like this: List<object__c> testObject= [ SELECT SUM(convertCurrency(Amount__c))     FROM object__c ]; but it doesn't work. As far as I read in the ...
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