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LWC - Cannot fetch Currency field type to display in lightning-combobox

I'm trying to get all currency field type of a specific object and display it in lightning-combobox but it does not work. When I execute this method with anonymous window, I got the result I want. But ...
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Cannot get composite REST API call to work for CurrencyType update

In our multi-currency org, we get daily updates of conversion rates in the DatedConversionRate object and these need to be copied to the CurrencyType object. For those of you who don't know: DML is ...
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How to convert the currency value field to the corporate currency in SOQL

I want to convert the amount field in opportunity object to the corporate currency, I found that the convertCurrency(amount) will give me the value in user's currency format, but I found that the user'...
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Update/Insert CurrencyType record using apex Anonymous Window

Hi Experts the below code returns 400 error code when i try to insert record for currencytype. Please give the solutions Http h = new Http(); HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest(); req.setEndpoint('...
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Currency symbol not appearing for lightning data table currency type field in LWC

I have lightning data table with one of the columns associated to Amount field. I want amount values to appear with '$' symbol for which I declared Amount column with type 'Currency' but I was not ...
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How to cover CurrencyType object in test class? [duplicate]

I am updating the "conversion rate" on the CurrencyType object daily using batch class. But while writing test class unable to insert CurrencyType. This is because of CurrencyType object DML operation ...
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Currency Type (Object) Updating Causing Error as "RSF CALCULATION IS IN PROGRESS"

I am using the below code to integrate with salesforce. I will receive the exchange rate from the JSON webservice and update the currency type object. the code works fine. It's not all the rates are ...
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Error Message in Community using visual force page - managed package Financialforce PSA

Error Message in Community using visual force page - managed package Financialforce PSA: dlrs_pse_ExpenseTrigger: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.QueryException: sObject type '...
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Active Currency Not Showing Up (Multi-currency enabled, Reports)

Apologies if I am asking a silly question here, but I cannot figure out why my list of currencies (When editing a report -> Preview -> Show -> Currencies Using) does not show all my active currencies ...
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Returning Formula Field Value of Currency Type Based on a Condition

Assuming I have these formula fields returning currency values: formula_field1__c : (currency1__c * currency2__c) formula_field2__c : (currency3__c * currency2__c) *Note that currency3__c is also a ...
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weird behaviour on negative value in currentcy fields ( namespace issue? )

Salesforce currency field allow negative value input. When you are on the environment with namespace it will convert negative amount to number with brackets( exp. (11) ) however when you are working ...
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Advanced currency feature is effect for child object of opportunity object?

When we enable advanced currency feature is it effect for currency fields on the child object of the opportunity object?
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Different currencies in the same opportunity

it's possible to have different currencies in one opportunity? for example: line item 1 $USD line item 2 $MXN Thanks
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Update conversionRate in test class

To test some apex functionality, we wanted to update the conversion rates of currencies in a test class. It doesn't work since DML operations aren't allowed on CurrencyType via apex. Here is more ...
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Currency field is behaving very differently

I have a Currency(17, 1) field "Revenue" on a custom object. here i have defined only one digit after decimal point but in few records it is storing more than 1 digit after decimal point. like - ...
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PATCH request using Apex HttpRequest

I'm looking for a way to create an HttpRequest in Apex using a POST method. When I do it, I hit this error: { "message": "HTTP Method 'POST' not allowed. Allowed are HEAD,GET,PATCH,DELETE", "...
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