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Getting realtime/Daily converstion rates

We are considering to enable multicurrency in our org. What are the ways to keep the exchange rates in sync with market..? Do we have any products or api's that can be used to update the real-time ...
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Amount and Converted Amount currency shows different currencies for different reports

I am logged in with a user that has the currency set to SEK. When I create dashboards referencing reports on opportunities, where the graphs should show the Sum of Amount, some of the graphs show SEK ...
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How to convert the currency value field to the corporate currency in SOQL

I want to convert the amount field in opportunity object to the corporate currency, I found that the convertCurrency(amount) will give me the value in user's currency format, but I found that the user'...
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How to use Corporate Currency Value in Approvals instead of Quote's Currency?

Multi currency is enabled in my Org. I am using Approvals for Quote Object. If Net Amount is less than 10,000 it requires Manager Approval. If Net Amount is greater than 10,000 it requires Finance ...
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What fields are used by convertCurrency() function in SOQL when advanced currency management is enabled?

The documentation for convertCurrency() says this: “If an org has enabled advanced currency management, dated exchange rates are used when converting currency fields on opportunities, opportunity ...
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How can we use Dated Exchange Rates values in formula fields?

I have a formula(Checkbox) field on the Opportunity object, which shows TRUE, when Some_Value__c (formula(Currency)) field >= 6000$: Some_Value__c / CURRENCYRATE(TEXT(CurrencyIsoCode)) >= 6000 ...
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Can I retrieve the result of a function using the SOAP API?

I set up SOAP integration with my Salesforce instance, to maintain a copy of certain tables in our data warehouse. This works great as long as I'm using fields enumerated in their SOAP API: ...
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Account Currency Defaulting to USD instead of Corporate currency (Euro)

I have multi currency enabled in my org with USD, GBP and EURO. EURO is my corporate currency. My user has Local currency as EURO. However, when I create an Account Record without entering the ...
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Currency converstaion in Quote

If I have a product in USD and wanted to quote it in INR, it would do the conversion and put the product in the quote. is there any possible way to achieve this ?
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Use SUM() and convertCurrency() together in a SOQL

I am trying to do something like this: List<object__c> testObject= [ SELECT SUM(convertCurrency(Amount__c))     FROM object__c ]; but it doesn't work. As far as I read in the ...
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