I have a full Salesforce repository in Vs Code that I deployed with the command cci task run deploy. I had some issues including a recent change of mine which included a new Quick Action that runs a new Flow. After removing my latest changes I was able to deploy the full repository with the command

cci task run deploy --org myOrg --unmanaged true  --path .\force-app\main\default\

Ater that I decided to add again and deploy first my flow. I'm trying the same command but this time I'm limiting it using the --path option to only include the flows and flowdefinitions folders like this

cci task run deploy --org myOrg --unmanaged true  --path .\force-app\main\default\flows\
cci task run deploy --org myOrg --unmanaged true  --path .\force-app\main\default\flowDefinitions\

Even when both commands end with Success, my new flow is not deployed to my org. Everything else that I deployed with my first command is there without issue.

Am I missing something specific to deploying flows with Cumulus CI? Or is it not possible?

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After searching a little in the Project, the cause was that both folders were added to the .forceignore file

enter image description here

What caught my attention about that was that the cci commands for the flow folders always included the message: Payload size: 316 bytes. It seemed strange to me because I think it was too small of a size for any metadata file so I decided to check ignored files in the project and found the cause.

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    Under the hood, CumulusCI asks sf or sfdx to convert your source-format metadata to deployable Metadata API format. sf applies the .forceignore file transparently where appropriate. (I am on the CumulusCI team).
    – David Reed
    Nov 30, 2023 at 4:45
  • Thanks!! I saw the documentation of other commands like dx_push so I suspected that. It helped me to solve this issue
    – zurdo
    Nov 30, 2023 at 15:23

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