How can I read a custom setting in Salesforce Flow. I have created a Org level Custom Setting called FeatureFlag__c with only one boolean field IsActive__c. The idea is, of the org level IsActive__c is true, run the flow else show a screen with some default message. In the flow, I have created a SObjectVariable by the name "SetFieldFeatureFlagFromCustomSetting" and reading it in the very first step of type assignment as "{!SetFieldFeatureFlagFromCustomSetting.IsActive__c"

Assign the SObjectVariable to a Local variable inside a flow

It is always coming up as null. Is should be true as the org level custom setting is set to true.


You created an SObject variable. This isn't what you needed. Instead, go to the Resources tab on the left palette, create a new Formula, and use the appropriate formula you're looking for (e.g. $Setup.SetFieldFeatureFlagFromCustomSetting__c.IsActive__c). Then, in your assignment area, reference the formula:

{!VariableNameToSet} equals {!FormulaNameForCustomSetting}

Or, you can use that formula directly as a criteria in a Choice. The other variable isn't necessary in this case.

  • Perfect! Worked like a charm. Thank you very much @sfdcfox – Json Bourne Shell Jul 6 '18 at 20:33

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