Deploying an existing Digital Experience into a new scratch org this morning is hitting the problem normally addressed like this Add a Digital Experience site member if either the 'Manage' or 'Workspaces' link is not available i.e. adding a NetworkMemberGroup record to make the SA a member of the Digital Experience. But in my case that record is already present with the correct AssignmentStatus of "Added".

I've done several deployments - had to revert some changes - and they all have the same problem. Creating an experience locally - the "fake" one below - works. I'm using automation to deploy via ExperienceBundle metadata.

Any ideas on what to do to fix this?


First org still broken. Just created a new scratch org and it took a few minutes before they appear but the links did appear.

screen shot of experiences

  • This is where using perm set membership is ideal since you can add this to selective users, including sys admin.
    – Phil W
    Sep 13, 2023 at 11:45

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That first org is still broken. I created a new scratch org and it took a few minutes after the Digital Experience was deployed before the links appeared but they did appear.

So looks looks a once-off problem.

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