I recently created a Chat Button in SF successfully. I created the Routing, the Queue, Pre Chat button and the Chat Embedded Deployment. I used the code snippet form the embedded deployment and placed on my website where I want the chat to take place and it works fine. So when I click the chat "button" it brings up the prechat form and then prompts an agent to go live and a chat starts when they arrive. My question is this and I am not sure how to do this or even get started: What I want is in my website, I want the chat option only to appear when an agent is available/live. Right now, there is a chat "button" which says agent offline (I believe this is default SF setting). I would like the chat "button" only to appear when an agent is live. Is there a setting in SF that allows me to do that? Do I know add a special tag or call a special method to make this feature work? Please help me get started because I cant find much on google. Thank you

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    function checkAvailability() {
        const elementEnabled = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton helpButtonEnabled');
        const elementDisabled = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton helpButtonDisabled');
        if(elementEnabled && elementEnabled.length > 0) {
            document.getElementsByClassName('embeddedServiceHelpButton').item(0).style.display = "block";
        if(elementDisabled && elementDisabled.length > 0) {
            document.getElementsByClassName('embeddedServiceHelpButton').item(0).style.display = "none";

    window.setInterval(function () {
    }, 500);

this script should work. Please note that delay for chat and SF is one minute


The functionality you are looking for cannot be done with the standard chat button. You would need to hide the default button using the embedded_svc.settings.displayHelpButton snippet setting, check for agent availability using the Omni API, and implement a custom chat button, then use the start chat API to start the chat

Details of start chat API usage : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.snapins_web_dev.meta/snapins_web_dev/embedded_services_web_start_and_end_chat.htm

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