Can I use Interactive Email Form to do a Salesforce object update?

-How can I send a variable (Salesforce id from the journey) into email form as a hidden attribute?

-I need to make a Salesforce object update on click of the submit button in Interactive email form.Is this possible? if not what should be followed?


To your first question, It is as same as how you will get the subscriber key from salesforce via normal email using personalization strings. You can use _subscriberKey for salesforce ID and emailaddr for email address and add it in hidden attributes.

enter image description here

Reference: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_es_available_personalization_strings.htm&type=5

To your second question, It is possible. Because if you look at the HTML part of Interactive email form in the code view, you will find ampscripts on re-directing to cloud pages using CloudPageURL function.

So, you can use ampscript in Cloud Page / Landing page to get the subscriber key here as well. Once you get the subscriber key then you know which data extension to lookup with and get the results and update salesforce using UpdateSingleSalesforceObject

Set @subscriberkey = [_subscriberkey]

Below is the screenshot if it:

enter image description here

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  • Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to send the Salesforce record ID on to the landing page? – CloudDot May 26 at 17:45
  • Hi @CloudDot, I have just tired it in my instance and I can able to fetch the subscriber key / salesforce record id from the landing page. You can get other data's from look up from data extension and update salesforce. Hope this helps. – Naveen VM May 27 at 3:52

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