Can someone explain the account sharing interface to me in terms of the opportunity and case access? I thought this would let you set sharing rules for opps.


I'm trying to make opportunities r/w for a group of users. The way I went about it off of the account sharing rule page which lets you set access to other objects . I made the settings below, and after the rule calculates, the users in group Test aren't able to access the opportunities. I had to go and create a second sharing rule in opportunities.


//Sharing rule set up:
Account: owned by members of: Group: Test Share with Group: Test
Default Account, Contract and Asset Access - Read / Write
Opportunity Access - Read/ Write
Case Access - Read / Write

//Org Wide Defaults
Account and Opp = Private

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so the answer is that the owner of the records were not assigned to a role. as a result they fall out of the sharing rules!


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