I want to create a Live content block in the Content builder. but I can't find any specific option for creating the live content block. lets say I want to display today's date or Weather in my block. so how can I get that option for creating the live content? According to the Marketing Cloud docs, we will get the Live Image block in Advance Content section. or do I need to raise any ticket for that.

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Normally it would be enabled through a SFMC Support Case, but right now it's available only on those SFMC instances where it was already requested. They are not provisioning it for new instances at the moment.

Live Images:

We are temporarily suspending Live Image provisioning, but we are supporting accounts that are already provisioned.

For the Live Weather Block you will need to contact your AE for the pricing.

  • Ok got it. So right now I can't open a case with SFMC. they are enabling it in the first quarter of 2020. Thanks, Rain. Commented Oct 18, 2019 at 9:47

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