We want to create a Cloud Page that dynamically changes content in the page according to a URL parameter. Users will visit the page directly, we won't send them to the page from email.

What I did:

Created DealerDE with some data:

1 |Joe |1234
2 |Dan |5678

Created cloud page and used the Lookup function successfully manually, %%=Lookup('DealerDE','Name','ID',1)=%%

Output: My name is Joe and my phone is 1234

My question:

I want that according to the URL parameter example.com/?id=2 the page will show the Name and the Phone from the DE: My name is Dan and my phone is 5678
What needs to be done i Lookup query to make it happen?

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There are two functions in AMPscript that let you retrieve the parameters sent by the request message.

  1. QueryParameter - Only usable for GET-parameters (suitable for your use case)
  2. RequestParameter - Usable for GET- and POST-parameters (also suitable for your use case)

So your code would look like this:

%%=Lookup('DealerDE','Name','ID', RequestParameter('id'))=%%

Related documentation:

  • Thank you! Follow up question: if this parameter doesn't exist in the URL, can I show default value? instead of example.com/?id=1 the user entered example.com/
    – MaorU
    Sep 16, 2019 at 7:12
  • For that use case you need to use IF-statements. I suggest reading the ampscript syntax guide which shows how to do so. Sep 16, 2019 at 7:13

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