I'm a new user of Salesforce. I'm creating a landing page, and i want to pass parameter such as User name in the URL of the landing page.

I tried this:


and when i display the parameters in the landing page, for exemple :


it doesn't work. If any one can help me i will appreciate this. Thank you.

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You have to use ConCat AmpScript function to add the parameter in the landing page.

     SET @Firstname = "Johan" 
     SET @emailaddr = "[email protected]" 
     SET @URL = ConCat('http://mypage.com/wsmetxah3zh?&name=',@Firstname,'&email=',@emailaddr) 
 <a href="%%=v(@URL)=%%">LandingPageURL!</a>

Also, use QueryParameter function to Retrieves the value from a query string based on the key defined for it.

     SET @Name = QueryParameter("name")

  FirstName = %%=V(@Name)=%%

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