I want to output some data and using 'Output' and 'Lookup' functions.

If my DE fields looks like this:

Name           Data Type.      Length. Primary Key. Nullable. Default Value
FIRST NAME     Text            50
LAST NAME      Text            50
EMAIL.         EmailAddress.   254.     x

What is the correct AmpScript to output someone's first name?

My AmpScript currently looks like this. I have a feeling my 4th argument is incorrect b/c I"m not sure what is the "Value that identifies the row to retrieve" according to docs.


var @firstName
set @firstName = Lookup("DE__Test", "FIRST NAME", "EMAIL", EMAIL)

Output(Concat("First Name: ", @firstName))

  • Are you getting an error message? Syntax is correct assuming the name of the data extensions is right. Jul 9 at 2:52

The fourth argument is like the field name for the first condition of a where-clause in a SQL statement. You could write your lookup in pseudocode like this:

Retrieve FIRST NAME from DE__Test where EMAIL = EMAIL

Also, you don't need to use a lookup if DE__Test is the sending data extension.

You can reference the send context column names directly or assign them to variables:


var @firstName
set @firstName = AttributeValue("First Name")

output(concat("<br>Hi, ", @firstName))

  • One more thing to this answer, OP should set 4th argument - @Email in order to make his Lookup function work (as long as field names are correct), it could be done the same way as shown above with the AttributeValue function.
    – Niko
    Jul 9 at 7:37
  • 1
    Agreed, but it's not necessary if the sending DE has a column named EMAIL. Jul 9 at 11:41

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