I'm trying send a personalize SMS and with help in another posts here I constructed this AMPScript:


VAR @mobile, @date 
SET @date = FORMAT(Lookup('DE_NAME','DATE_FIELD','MobilePhone',@mobile),"dd/MM/yyyy")

Pay you bill at %%=v(@date)=%%,or contact us.

However when I have two contacts using the same phone number both SMS shows the same date.

There is another way to get what I need?

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The Lookup is finding the first record. You would have to Lookup based one a field that is unique, since you can have duplicate values in the 'MobilePhone' field.


This issue will be solved with the newest Marketing Cloud release coming in late June.

According to the release notes for MobileConnect there will be an option to use ContactKey field as personalization string. Meaning you can finally use unique value to look up some data in your Data Extensions.

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