This example is taken from Journey Builder for Apps SDK Explorer for Android shows a few ways to override notification intents.

How to Override Notification Intents? The SDK provides three ways to override the default intent opened when someone taps on a push message received by your Android app:

  1. Use the ETNotifications class to override the launch intent.
  2. Launch your own activity to handle the notification tap.
  3. Specify an action and URI to launch your own activity when the notification receives a tap.

However, The “Journey Builder for Apps SDK Explorer for Android” has been retired. The latest github link doesnt display an example.

Can anyone override notification Intents on Exact Target 4.2.0?


You are correct @Venky! It was recently identified as a shortcoming of the current documentation and will be corrected soon.

In the meantime you can still see all the legacy commits and the overridden examples are still valid:

Check out the SDKX example in this code commit

  • Thank you very much "Bill Mote". it is of great help and will use for my project.
    – Venky
    Jul 25 '16 at 19:54

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