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Invalid ID being shown err_code 16 - Pardot API with Python Requests

I am running into an issue: pardot_request = r.get( url= f"{account_engagement_id}?format=json", headers = { 'Pardot-...
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Scratch Orgs with Account Engagement (Pardot) package basic setup, advice needed

I'm looking to setup Scratch Orgs on the project that is using Pardot. But currently struggling with setup. I used Prod org shape as a baseline and then tried to install Account Engagement Managed ...
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Unable to sync default "Comments" field from Account Engagement to Salesforce

We're trying to sync the Default "Comments" Field in Account Engagement (Pardot) to Salesforce. However, when I click "Edit default prospect field", there is no option to add a ...
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Fields in activity object cant be filled out with form/form handler

fields created in the activity object do not show up in pardot/webtolead as a custom field for my form handler (only fields created under lead show up in pardot/webtolead). So the field in activity is ...
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