Is there a Lookup field renderer available in Lightning? Something like ui:LookupField. I am looking for something that will have the ability to search for a record. In Salesforce1, you get a popup where you can serach for the record that you want, and then select it. Is there anything like that available for Lightning? How is a user supposed to select a specific parent Account for example?


There is a component called "force:inputField" which I assume is supposed to have this functionality. Has anyone got it to work? I keep getting an Internal Server Error.


Apparently there are no known cases of force:inputField working correctly. @Fab asked this question 9 months ago, and noone seems to have been able to get it working. I guess for now the best option is, like @Mohith suggested here and @Jenny commented above, to create your own lookup component.


I hope this will be fixed and working asap, as it's pretty hard to have users create sObjects without it.


As @Peter posted on the thread linked above, there is currently a limitation in force:inputField's that you are required to add a default attribute like so:

default="{ sobjectType: 'Account' }"

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