Not having looked for a while, I was hoping that the set of field-level components for Lightning would be more complete now. But for example...

There is force:inputField that renders picklist options (albeit without using a select list) and is hooked up to other metadata but:

This component doesn't inherit the Lightning Design System styling. Use lightning:input if you want an input field that inherits the Lightning Design System styling.

Then there is lightning:input that has the correct styling you find there is no meta-data information such as picklist values hooked up for you so a picklist field just renders as a text edit field.

Am I missing something that is in the platform today? Any 3rd party libraries that help?


You are correct here .There are gaps .Force namespace does not obey styling while lightning:input is still in BETA and it only provides JS functions and lightning design system CSS .

While safe harbor applies ,there seems to be plan to expand and provide lightning version of inputfield.

There is one from Doug on git which handles picklists well.

Lightning Picklist Component

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