I'm thinking in use LiveContent Coupons in a Site on my server. The flow would be something like:

  • The user with certain UserKey click on a Link on my Site to a Landing Page.
  • The user Land on the Landing Page of a Microsite of ExactTarget.
  • With RequestParameter I read the UserKey.
  • With the UserKey I load a Coupon of the Data Extension and assigned it to that UserKey.

With that in mind, I have some questions:

  • It is possible to do that?
  • If it is possible: There is a way to load the UserKey in "session" for the Coupons to used it?
  • Another way could be using ClaimRow to assign the Coupon... but how can I generate the coupon "image" with the coupon number obtained?

Sorry if something isn't clear. Just ask and I can explain it better. Thanks in advance.

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