QUESTION: I have a microsite (web page) with some fields on it that I am submitting / saving in a data extension. With the help of triggered send, I am sending an email to the user that is being added to the data extension (when a user submits the form).

With the help of AMScript, I am populating the record to the data extension.

PROBLEM: The microsite (web page) is only available via a URL (something like: http://pages.abc.companyname.com/.....pagename....)

• Is there any way, I can embed a microsite on 3rd party site(s)? So that whole form/content of the microsite page is available on one of our websites?

• Is there any way, I can eliminate the form page which is my microsite (with fields) and use a 3rd party webpage to send (or pass) the values to the fields directly via API and accomplish the same results?

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Yes and yes.

You can use an iframe to embed a SFMC Microsite page in a 3rd party site.

Also, you can use the FuelSDK and write API calls (or use your own implementation of the SFMC SOAP or REST API) to populate Data Extension rows and fire off triggered emails.

  • (1) Regarding embedding - Is there any other approach apart from iframe? iframe is not the best technique (not mobile friendly) and it's a workaround not a solution. (2) Do you have any working example (with code & steps to follow)?
    – kuml
    Commented Jun 21, 2016 at 19:33
  • (1) The FuelSDK option I mentioned doesn't use an iframe. (2) No, but perhaps you can give it a shot and if necessary, post another question with details about where you're stuck.. Commented Jun 23, 2016 at 1:14

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