I've created a journey with a Salesforce Data entry source. Its a very simple configuration. I look for ContactId from contact and my entry criteria is just a field con "PROMO" from Contact, which is a check field, is created or updated to TRUE.

I must mention that in my service cloud we have Business Accounts and Person Accounts.

After activation, when I test it, I modify this field in a business account and the contact enters correctly into the journey. But it doesn't happen so for the person account.

I do not understand why I can't get any person account to entre salesforce data journeys.

Does it have to do with a configuration settings in the connector?

I understand that a person account is an account and a contact in the same slot. But the field that I'm looking at is a contact based field that both users have.

Can anyone please help me?


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I think this behavior happens because the Salesforce data entry source in Journey Builder evaluates a trigger based on the main object, not "Who" they will inject into.

If you look at the Journey entry event board on the left side, you will see that the evaluating object is Contact (in your case). So the attributes for the data source will be the attributes from Contact object, while if the object is Account (for Person Account), it will have the different attribute name - suffix with __pc instead.

So to evaluate both contact (not person account) and contact is person account. You would need to create a separate journey where the object is Account with the entry criteria is now PROMO = true which is actually PROMO__pc = true.

  • THanks for the reply. That is what I ended up doing. Commented Apr 2 at 6:55
  • @MarciaYoppi if you find it helpful, kindly mark it as the accepted answer. Thanks
    – Duc Le
    Commented Apr 3 at 2:11

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