Can someone explain me the difference between Salesforce Communities and Chatter Communities

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That way it is branded can be a bit confusing, but Salesforce Communities and Chatter Communities are ultimately the same thing. There are different editions and pricing around a Customer Community and Partner Community, but that is more around pricing and some functionality differences.

Some key information:

What is Salesforce Communities?

Salesforce Communities is an online platform that enables rich collaboration between employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors. Organizations can create fully-branded public or private communities that connect members directly with each other – and with relevant content, data and business processes. Salesforce Communities is the only community platform that combines the power of social with mobile participation, trusted security, and direct connection to business processes.

What types of communities does Salesforce support?

Salesforce provides two general types of communities that can be used for a broad variety of purposes, from customer service to marketing or engagement of resellers, suppliers and partners.

Customer Communities deliver rich collaboration, mobile access and consistent branding for even the largest groups. For example, a service community enables customers to answer questions for other customers, quickly find the information they need, or work with service reps to resolve issues – decreasing time to resolution while increasing engagement and loyalty.

Partner Communities provide even greater ties to business process along with the added power of role-based security to segment the data that’s been shared with different members. For example, partner communities enable companies to manage reseller relationships by keeping some lead and funding information private, but enabling collaborative selling between partners, leading to more engaged partners and increased deal flow.

What are the key features of Salesforce Communities?

No other communities platform offers the same combination of capabilities along with deep integration into business process. Key Communities features include:

Business Process Integration: members can create and collaborate on support cases, sales opportunities or campaigns from within the community

Social Collaboration: members can interact, collaborate on goals and form groups to support their interests

Branding/Customization: companies can design their community to match their brand and website look and feel. Content and navigation structure is highly customizable.

Mobility: members can access the community from any device, anywhere

Social Intelligence: relevant content and resources are suggested to each member based on their interests and behavior

Security & scalability: leveraging the trusted Salesforce platform, all data and member information is always safe -- no matter how many members you have

If I don’t use Chatter, can I still use Communities?

Yes. Communities functionality is not dependent on the use of Chatter. You can still get the branding and mobile benefits of the solution along with other collaboration elements such as Ideas and Q & A.

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